Income and testing
Which rental price fits my income

With using the rental price calculator you’re able to determine which apartment fits your income.

How are the apartments allocated?

The apartments will be allocated based on the income assessment, availability, the completeness of your file, a final credit check and your preference. If there are multiple candidates for the same apartment, it will be allocated to the most suitable candidate. In case of equal candidates on a home, the candidate who wants to rent the house for at least two years has priority.

What are the income guidelines for renting an apartment?

The following income guidelines apply to those wishing to rent an apartment:

For a net monthly rent up to and including € 600, applicants must have a monthly income of: 4.5 times the net monthly rent
For any surplus over € 600, applicants must have a monthly income of: 3 times the net monthly rent
Gross monthly income (including 100% of partner’s income, if applicable)

Example for net monthly rent of € 750:
€ 600 x 4.5 = € 2,700
€ 150 x 3 = € 450
This means a (joint) gross monthly income of at least € 3,150 (€ 2,700 + € 450) is required.

Holiday pay, fixed bonus payments, fixed Christmas bonuses may be counted when determining gross yearly income. You may not count flexible bonus payments, dividends or lease car reimbursements towards your gross yearly income.

Lower income requirements apply to retirees due to the lower tax burden. In this case, the taxable income can be increased by 30%.

Available assets on a Dutch bank account may also be counted when determining gross yearly income. You may add 10% of your available assets to your yearly income.

Click hereto calculate your maximum rental price.

When will I hear whether I have been allocated an apartment?

All files will be assessed after the registration period closes. After the assessment, you will be notified by e-mail whether or not an apartment has been provisionally allocated to you. If there are still apartments available after the first round of allocations, they will be allocated on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. Only fully completed registration forms that include all required attachments will be considered.

Where can I find the registration form? And where can I upload the required documents?

The rental has not started yet. If you register for the newsletter via this  website will e-mail you when the apartments become available for rent. As soon as the apartments become available for rent, you will be able to find the registration form online.

a. Register as interested in renting an apartment in Heroes.
(PLEASE NOTE: In addition to your registration for the newsletter, you must therefore register again as an interested person for an apartment).
b. You then receive the login details to log in to your personal account.
c. With this account you can consult the registration form and upload the documents
(NOTE: It is necessary to upload these documents in order to assess your registration).
d. You can upload the documents in the registration form under the “attachments” page
(NOTE: The “attachments” page only becomes visible after you have completely filled in the registration form).

NB: Without your documents, your file is incomplete and your registration will not be processed.

Which documents should I submit/upload?

Based on the information provided in the registration form, a list with a number of documents that you have to upload will follow. The moment you do not have all the information yet, you can add them a later. Please note that this is done before the closing date to successfully join the first allocation.

The following documents can be asked:

Are you an employee?
– Three payslips
– Employer’s statement
– Copy of bank statement showing deposit salary

Do you have a benefit?
– Commitment letter UWV instead of employer statement
– Copy of bank statement showing deposit payment

Are you retired / AOW-entitled?
– Annual statement of AOW and pension if applicable
– Copy of bank statement showing the deposit of AOW pension and pension if applicable

Are you self-employed?
– Recent extract Chamber of Commerce (not older than 3 months)
– Annual figures from the past 2 years (prior to the signing of the lease agreement) drawn up by the accountant / administration office
– Prognosis of the coming year

And if applicable:
– Divorce agreement
– Overview of equity
– In case of sale of the current house: the (provisional) purchase deed + overview remaining mortgage
– In case of holding the current owner-occupied home: an overview of the mortgage payments of the past 6 months

What is the minimum rental period?

The minimum rental period is  1 or 2 years. After that, the rental agreement can be terminated as of the first of the following month. In case of equal candidates on a home, the candidate who wants to rent the house for at least two years has priority.

Does the apartment come with a parking space?

Yes, it’s possible to rent one of the available parking spaces.

Does the rent include service charges?

No, you are also required to pay separate service charges. Certain costs for the common areas used by all residents are shared. You will always receive a separate statement specifying these costs, as well as a yearly overview of service charges. The composition of these service charges has been determined by law. For more information, please visit the website of the Dutch Government.

You are also required to pay your own monthly utilities bills and municipal service charges. You will have to select your own suppliers for gas, electricity and water.

Can I view the apartments?

Due to building safety guidelines, it is unfortunately not possible to view the apartments well before completion. We will do everything we can to organise a viewing day, for which all future tentants will receive timely invitations.

Do I have to pay a registration or mediation fee?

No, you do not have to pay a registration fee and there are no mediation fees/commission. Before (or during) signing the rental agreement, the first month of rent and any required safety deposit must be/have been transferred via internet banking. Safety deposits are not required by default; they will only apply for applicants who do not meet the income requirements or are self-employed.

I’d like to rent an apartment, what should I do?

To rent an apartment, sign up for the newsletter here. This will keep you posted on how construction is progressing and ensures you will be the first to know when the apartments in Belvédère become available for rent!

If you have signed up for the newsletter, we will e-mail you when the apartments become available for rent. The newsletter will also contain a link to the apartment registration page. What else can you do?

Register your interest in one of the apartments.
PLEASE NOTE: You must officially register your interest in addition to signing up for the newsletter.

Indicate your preferred apartment(s).

Upload the documents we require to check your details.

If there are multiple candidates for the same apartment, it will be allocated to the most suitable candidate. In case of equal candidates on a home, the candidate who wants to rent the house for at least two years has priority. You will be notified if an apartment is provisionally allocated to you. Next, you must accept or reject the allocated apartment. Shortly afterwards, the rental agreement will be drawn up. A digital copy will be sent to you, which you can also sign digitally.

Level of quality/completion date of construction
Do the apartments come with storage space?

Yes, all apartments have a storage room in the apartment as well as a separate private storage room on the ground floor. You can also park your bicycle in the common bike storage.

Can I choose my own kitchen and/or bathroom?

No, the apartments feature a fully equipped, glossy white Bruynzeel kitchen with a black quartz composite worktop. The kitchens are fitted with a combination oven, fridge freezer, gas hob, extractor hood and a dishwasher.

The comfortable bathrooms are equipped with a walk-in shower, a wide sink with a mirror and a heated towel rack. Some apartments also feature a bath, as indicated on the blueprints of the apartments in question. The bathroom floors are decorated with anthracite tiles and the walls are fitted with white tiles up to the ceiling.